Book update: Interior pages complete!

This book process has taken so long! For someone that largely enjoys controlling my own destiny, I’ve had to practice a not-so-easy-for-me blend of patience as we move through the book editing process.

My book is called The 5-Day Turnaround, but I’m considering changing it to the Over 2-Year Process! #joking

The latest piece of the puzzle we recently completed was the design of the interior pages. Once the manuscript is edited, you need to decide how the pages are going to lay out. How does the first page of a chapter look? What margins work best? Which font do I prefer? How are call-outs designed? Etc, etc, and etc.

Now that the interior pages are complete, we’re finalizing the hard cover dust jacket (including the inside flaps) and will be uploading the book to Amazon soon! The next step will be ordering 5-6 actual copies for one final editing process, after which I can finally make the book available for purchase. I’ve been told it can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks for it to be officially live, so I’m guessing June is the earliest.

Additionally, today is an exciting day as I’ll be giving my first talk on the book at GA State University to a bunch of marketing students and faculty. It’s a little early to be giving talks – preferably I’ll be doing this when people can also order the book – but I’m nonetheless excited to get a chance to start talking about it.

Thanks for following along, and hopefully soon you’ll be able to check out the book yourself!