Hi, I’m Jeff Hilimire. Father of five, CEO of Dragon Army, author of The 5-Day Turnaround and The Crisis Turnaround, co-founder and Board Chair of 48in48 and Ripples of Hope.

My purpose is to have an out-sized, positive impact on the world. Reach out if you want to help me with that!

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My two books, The 5-Day Turnaround and The Crisis Turnround, were written to help leaders embrace the habits of the world's most successful startup CEOs, and to learn to lead through a crisis, respectively. Whether you're a team lead at a non-startup, the CEO of a small company, or anywhere in between, these books will help you become the leader you always wanted to be!




Everything I know about advisory boards

One of the best things we ever did at Spunlogic was to create an advisory board early on. (Never heard of my first company, Spunlogic? If not, you can check out the recent Spunmafia video series I’ve been doing with my co-founders.) On my most recent podcast, I talk to Blair Brady, CEO of WITH/agency,…

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Let the writing on book 3 begin

First world problem coming in 3…2…1… I was meant to be in Italy with my family right now – for the entire month of July. We had booked a small flat in the heart of Verona, a charming northern Italian town where, supposedly, Romeo and Juliet was meant to have taken place. COVID-19 had other…

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Prioritizing time and managing productivity during COVID-19

I’m not sure if I’ve ever felt more productive…or more unproductive. Maybe no one else is feeling this, but the swings in my motivation are, for me, unprecedented. And not in a good way. Some days I wake up and I’m raring to go. And with the extra time I have from not having to…

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Dragon Army’s commitment to Black Lives Matter

At Dragon Army, we are committed to our Purpose of Inspiring Happiness. And we recognize that unless we put the full weight of our company into doing our part to fight systematic racism and white supremacy, we can’t possibly expect to inspire much happiness. We spent a great deal of time working on a plan…

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Here’s the thing about my new podcast series

Truth be told, this podcast thing just kinda happened. As someone that produces content on a fairly consistent basis, I’ve always been interested in both video and audio. It’s why I’ve recently been producing more content on YouTube. My natural state of content production is writing. I think of that in three buckets: blog posts…

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No longer silent

Like many, I’ve struggled over the last several months to find my voice. What should I be saying? Do I have a right to say anything? What good could my voice do in the avalanche of people sharing their experiences, especially when I’ve never experienced the injustices that my black and brown friends have. My…

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