Hi, I’m Jeff Hilimire. Father of five, CEO of Dragon Army, author of The 5-Day Turnaround and The Crisis Turnaround, and co-founder of 48in48Ripples of Hope, and The A Pledge.

My purpose is to have an out-sized, positive impact on the world. Reach out if you want to help me with that!

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My two books, The 5-Day Turnaround and The Crisis Turnround, were written to help leaders embrace the habits of the world's most successful startup CEOs, and to learn to lead through a crisis, respectively. Whether you're a team lead at a non-startup, the CEO of a small company, or anywhere in between, these books will help you become the leader you always wanted to be!




Introducing The A Pledge

I’m pretty excited to share this new initiative with you! We call it, The A Pledge. “A” can stand for “agency”, or “activism”, or “alliance”…but it also is a call back to Atlanta, which is often referred to as, “The A”.So, what is The A Pledge, you ask?The A Pledge is a call to Atlanta advertising and…

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Things are starting to take off…

I gotta say, I’m pretty psyched after the last few weeks (and not just because of the weather, but seriously, how great is this weather?! That tree above is from my backyard…) Here’s a quick run-down of some things I’m really thankful for After feeling the impact of COVID-19 in major way starting in March, Dragon…

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How to do this thing called life

This past week I had the privilege to talk with a group of GA State students. I always try to be as thoughtful as possible when speaking to students, because let’s face it, we’re at our most impressionable phase during our college years (at least I was). The last thing I’d want to do is give…

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With a little help from my friends

Lately, I find myself reflecting on all the help and advice I’ve had along the way. I consider myself lucky in so many ways, and the amount of support I’ve received in this journey called life is no exception. I’ve had mentors take a chance on me, partners join me in crazy pursuits, people invest in my…

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My new morning routine (mindset, devices, and apps I use to start the day)

I used to feel like I needed to get up and hit the day hard, immediately getting in front of the computer to knock out emails that came through over the night and crank away at my tasks. I’m not sure if it’s because of the insanity of 2020, or because I’m getting wiser older, but I’ve…

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Personal Purpose, hacking Halloween, and walking off the stress

Note: this first appeared in my weekly email newsletter, where I share more personal stories and progress. So that I don’t bury the lead, I’m sharing two links that have helped me personally and professionally. The first is a worksheet on finding your personal purpose. My #1 advice to anyone, and the thing I always…

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