Talk about the passion

Everyone has things in their lives they are passionate about.  Most people only dabble in them because, let’s face it, with our families and our jobs, its tough to find time to focus on a third activity.  I have many things I’m passionate about and rarely do I find the time to dial in and focus on them.

I’m writing this because I’ve often admired two people’s ability to do just that, focus on their passion and make sure they find time for it.  This isn’t meant to be a “go out and be inspired by what I have written in this blog” type of blog.  I don’t do that kinda thing.  No, this is merely something I’ve thought about for a while and wanted to get it out there.

The first is @gumboshowjoe, who runs an Internet radio show called The Gumbo Show with Joe (every Tuesday from 7 – 9pm EST).  The show features rock, funk, New Orleans R & B, acoustic, jazz, blues, country, bluegrass, 80’s, and occasionally other musical genres.

How he finds time to produce this show with his work commitments (he kills it for @engauge) and his family commitments (he has twin babies!) is amazing.  You should check it out.

The second person I’m amazed with is @atlantajones.  Guy has mad drawing/cartooning skills.  He works on the DIG team which means he works like a madman, and he has a baby girl at home that keeps him busy during most of his non-DIG time.  Here’s a taste of one of his recent sketches.

Both of these guys impress the heck out of me with the quality and level of these (mostly) non-revenue generating passions.  Keep it up guys.

PS (if a blog can have a PS) – this blog is named after one of my favorite REM songs, Talk about the Passion.