Books Read in 2019

My goal in 2019 is to read 53 books – one book a week (+1 for good measure). I’ve recorded the books I’ve read in 20182017, 2016, and 2015, in case you’re curious.

Currently reading:



Books reviewed on a 5-star scale (5 being the best):

#1 – The Billionaire Who Wasn’t ***** Absolutely loved this book. Chuck Feeney is someone I aspire to be more like.

#2 – The Running Man ***** One of my new favorite Stephen King books.

#3 – Thirst ***** TERRIFIC entrepreneurial and inspirational story.

#4 – Start Something That Matters *** Story of Tom’s Shoes. I was hoping for more story of the journey and instead it was more about how to build a company with heart. Which is a great thing to study, but I’ve personally studied that enough…so this would probably be rated higher for others, but for me, a 3-star(er).

#5 – Kitchen Confidential ***** Absolutely loved this book. I never knew much about Anthony Bordain, and now I’m kinda obsessed. Immediately jumped into his second book. Bonus, they’re both on Audible and he reads them, which he does extremely well.

#6 – Flash Boys *** Enjoyed it but dragged in places, and not as good as some of his others.

#7 – Final Days ** Eventually bailed on this about halfway through. Just kind of felt like the same thing over and over…lost interest.

#8 – Letters from a Self-Made Merchant to his Son * Honestly found this so-so. Many people highly recommended it, but it wasn’t resonated with me. Then, out of nowhere, it casually used the n-word, which caused me to put it down for good. I understand it was written in “old times”, but then go back and edit it (I read it on Kindle, changing it would have been easy.)

#9 – Your Mountain is Waiting ***** (my review)

#10 – Medium Raw *** Not nearly as good as Kitchen Confidential, but I did enjoy it.

#11 – Finding Ultra ****

#12 – Neon Prey ****

#13 – White Fragility *****

#14 – Own the Day, Own Your Life *** (some good stuff but not enough related to me)

#15 – Shortest Way Home **** (Pete Buttigieg’s story)

#16 – The 5-Day Turnaround ***** (5 stars cause its mine :)…also, had to re-read it for editing, but I’m counting it)

#17 – Trillion Dollar Coach ***

#18 – But Seriously **** Pretty good book on McEnroe’s life post-career. He dives into his career, but also hits on the pros of today. Several chapters were focused on art, which is a passion of his, but not mine, which dropped a star from the rating. For tennis geeks, pretty solid.

#19 – Great at Work ****

#20 – Running to the Edge **** Very solid running book.

#21 – Shaq Uncut (Audible) **** Enjoyed hearing his story

#22 – I See You ***** Brilliant book by Terence Lester. Book review.