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An update on EVERYTHING

I thought it might be time for an update on, well, everything. Let’s do this: Family Everyone at the Hilimire household is great. We are – like many of you – in the middle of swim team madness. It has its perks. Dragon Army We’re having an exceptionally strong Q2, which is great because we…

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The origin story of 48in48

I don’t believe I’ve ever shared the origin story of 48in48, at least not in writing. For those that have supported us over the years, I thought you might want to hear how this whole thing started! Over the years of having digital agencies (I started my first digital agency in college with Raj in…

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Leaders: Only do what only you can do

To follow up on my post last week, where I referenced the great advice I received from Doug Shipman for leaders to resist picking up the oar, I wanted to share another anecdote that was shared with me by a friend a while back: “Only do what only you can do” If you’re leading a…

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