I’m not sure if I’ve ever felt more productive…or more unproductive. Maybe no one else is feeling this, but the swings in my motivation are, for me, unprecedented. And not in a good way.

Some days I wake up and I’m raring to go. And with the extra time I have from not having to commute to work, going to as many meetings, etc., I have more time to get things done during the ‘work day’ – whatever that means – than I ever have before.

And then other days, I just kinda feel…blah. Does that really need to get done today? I can do that another day, right? Maybe I’ll see what the kids are up to…

And then 6 pm comes and I’m left wondering if I really got anything done that day.

One thing that never fails to spark my productivity is talking with a friend about how they manage their time and get things done. I get an extra boost of, I’m guessing dopamine?, when I learn about someone else’s productivity routine.

And this is exactly what happened after I talked with a good friend, Drew Hawkins, on my podcast recently. On the episode, we go back and forth on how we’re managing our time these days, and I have to say, after talking with him I got a lot more done…for a few days :)

So, in order to give me another one of those bursts of productivity, I have to ask:

What is your advice to get more done these days?

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