Me talking at a 48in48 event…it’s one of the few photos I have of me with a mic, and I thought it’d be fitting for this post even if it, technically, has nothing to do with it :)

Truth be told, this podcast thing just kinda happened.

As someone that produces content on a fairly consistent basis, I’ve always been interested in both video and audio. It’s why I’ve recently been producing more content on YouTube.

My natural state of content production is writing. I think of that in three buckets: blog posts (like this one), my email newsletter (which I send out weekly, and in which I write unique, more personal content*), and my books.

But audio allows for a different kind of connection. I find audio to be less formal, allowing me to share more personal thoughts and experiences. And I can use it as a forum to have conversations with friends and people I respect.

So I’m going to give it a try. Or rather, keep giving it a try, as there are a handful of podcasts on the channel currently.

My not-so-big podcast plan

I’m not going to commit to any kind of cadence with these podcasts. Not yet, anyway. I’ll likely share audio from YouTube content when appropriate, and when I have something that I think will lend itself better to spoken vs. written word, I’ll throw up a new podcast. And of course, if you should have suggestions of things you’d like me to talk about on the podcast, I’ll do that as well.

But the mistake I see people make when starting a new podcast is a) betting the farm on it, and b) committing to an unrealistic cadence. I’m fine if there isn’t a big audience that moves over to the podcast, and I won’t fall into the trap of over-committing to production of it.

So, you can subscribe on your favorite podcasting platform to check it out and get updates when I post something new. I’d love any feedback you might have, as I want this to be meaningful and add, rather than detract, from what I’m doing. Thanks!

* this past weekend I wrote a deeply personal post in my email newsletter, something that I thought I’d share first with my subscribers.

Before you leave

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