At Dragon Army, we are committed to our Purpose of Inspiring Happiness. And we recognize that unless we put the full weight of our company into doing our part to fight systematic racism and white supremacy, we can’t possibly expect to inspire much happiness.

We spent a great deal of time working on a plan that we believe will make an impact, leveraging what makes us unique as a company. The plan has big, long-term goals, as well as immediate action steps.

In putting the plan together, we debated and discussed internally, and also reached out to other leaders for input. And while we feel good about the statement we make today, we also know that it is only the actions we take from this point forward that are meaningful.

Simply put: enough talk, it’s time to act.

I’d love for you to read our commitment, and I hope you’ll feel free to share your thoughts, especially if they include ways that you would like to help us.