I find it funny that I’m being featured on the cover of Simply Buckhead, given that of my 20+ years in business I only worked in Buckhead for about 1.5 years. Granted, I loved those 1.5 years, as Dragon Army was posted up in the Atlanta Tech Village during it’s early days.

Either way, Simply Buckhead has always been good to me, and they’re a really well run publication, and jeez, they put me on the cover again, this time with Dominique! By the way, I did get to meet Nique (or maybe you prefer The Human Highlight) once at a charity race:

Side note: While his hands weren’t quite as big as Shaq’s (who I met in 2014), you can see from the photo they’re pretty dang huge.

I really like how the writer positioned the article, which they titled, “Engaging with Capitlism’s Good Side”.

You should check it out, but in case you’re a TL;DR kinda person, here are some of my favorite bits:

“I want Dragon Army to be a forever company because I really want people to see you can have great success while also focusing on doing good,” he says.

The firm aims to grow to 200 employees, allowing it to inspire more happiness, do more work with nonprofits and thus prove Hilimire’s belief in capitalism as a positive force.

“Once I found my personal purpose, I spent time thinking about the big, core areas of my life, and I was able to get those down to three,” says the married father of five. Anything he does must fit one or more of those areas: family, Dragon Army and doing good.

What from the past decade are you most proud of?

The success of 48in48. We’ve built well over 800 nonprofit websites in the last five years, which has helped all those nonprofits find more donors and volunteers. The impact of that I’ll never know.

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