Like all of you, I struggle to see how I can help during this time. Leaders I know (myself included) are scratching their heads to think outside the box about how to keep their businesses and teams intact while weathering this unprecedented storm.

Then it hit me. We are all forced to think like entrepreneurs right now! We have to throw out our old ideas and think in new ways about how we can make it through this crisis.

Entrepreneurs, by their nature, are creative thinkers. In almost all circumstances, people who start a new company do so because they see a better way to solve a problem. They’re tired of the status quo and they want to forge new ground. 

That is exactly the kind of thinking we need today.

It just so happens that I wrote a book about how to think like an entrepreneur! How it took me several weeks to realize this was a way I could help, I can’t say. But recently, a few people have said something to the effect of, “…and that’s what you talked about in your book.” It made me see that perhaps (if I can say this as humbly as possible) my book can be a source of some help for people right now.

So for the next 24 hours, the Kindle version of my book, The 5-Day Turnaround, will be completely free. 

If you’re like so many of us, you have a little extra time on your hands and you’re looking for answers in the face of so many uncertainties (and you’re aware you aren’t going to get it from the Tiger King). I hope you’ll accept this small offering of a free copy of my book, and maybe even send it to a friend or two who you think might benefit from it.

Note: On Amazon, you don’t have to sign up for Kindle Unlimited to get it for free. Underneath that call-out you should see $0.00 to buy. Click that ;)

And if you have read the book, please consider leaving a comment and rating on Amazon. Not for me — those reviews help others find it while it’s free.

I truly hope the best for you and your family right now. We’re all in this together and I continue to be inspired by seeing people helping each other in their greatest time of need. Please let me know if there is anything else you think I can do to help you.

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