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I used to be fairly against audio books. Not against, per se, but I definitely didn’t think it was comparable to actually reading a book. Like, with your eyeballs.

Perhaps I was a book-reading snob, if that’s a thing.

Actually, that’s definitely a thing. You know who you are, giving sideways glances to people who read books in any format other than the way God intended: physical books you can hold in your hand, made from the death of trees near and far. You’re probably also the same type of person that reflects fondly on your vinyl records and VHS tapes. I see you.

And look, I’m not judging, I used to give that same look to audio book readers.

Until I tried it, that is. Now I’m hooked.

I’ve found that in some cases books are better listened to. I would argue the books I recommend below are those kind of books. Typically read by the author, but most certainly read by someone who knows what they’re doing with their voice. It’s part of the reason I haven’t created an audio version of my book – I’m not sure I know what I’m doing with my voice enough.

Also, I prefer to listen to books when I’m exercising or driving. I do have friends that can sit in their living room and listen to a book, staring forward like Puddy. Psychos.

5 audio books you really should listen to (in no particular order):

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