Each quarter I give my Leadership Team (LT) at Dragon Army a book to read. Sometimes I’ll pick a few books and assign them to various groups, like I did earlier this year with books around health & wellness. I’m a big reader, if ya didn’t know ;)

This quarter I decided to pick books that would help reinforce our Purpose. Our Purpose at Dragon Army is to Inspire Happiness, through Positive Relationships, Impactful Work, and Doing Good.

Positive Relationships
I chose a few team members and gave them the book, Setting the Table. This is one of my favorite business books. With one of the main focuses of the book being on hospitality, I thought it would work well to reinforce our focus on positive relationships.

Impactful Work
For another group of LT members, I gave them the book, The Goal. It’s kind of a classic business book to help improve your company’s work product, with a major focus on through-put (moving work through the company.)

Doing Good
The final group received the book, The Healing Organization, to help us focus on doing more good as a company. I was able to meet the author, Raj Sisodia, at a Conscious Capitalism event a few weeks back in Austin. Amazing leader, and great book!

What books would you have recommended for any of those categories?