Throughout my life I’ve had to bet on myself before others would believe in me. I had to bet on myself in a major way before banks would consider funding my company. I had to bet on myself when potential clients would say, “you’re too young for this.” And I had to bet on myself when every publisher in America told me that my book, The 5-Day Turnaround, was a really great premise but just not a great fit for them :)

But, enough about my bets…

In 2016 I read a lot of books, and one of the best surprises was Total Recall, Arnold’s bio. Fascinating story, and while the last 1/4th or so was on his political journey (not quite as interesting or appealing to me), his entrepreneurial story is pretty amazing. I’m not sure I’ve ever read about anyone that so completely bet on themselves time and again.

The above video talks about one such moment. It’s a good reminder – you have to bet on yourself before others will.