Keep Your Posse Awesome!

It’s so lucky when you get to work with your friends!

I love bringing inspirational leaders into our ‘lair’ at Dragon Army to share their experiences with my team. Recently we’ve had the privilege of hearing Ashley from Love Not Lost and Terence from Love Beyond Walls share their stories (both produced tears from many of us as their stories are INCREDIBLE.)*

This month we brought in Jo Ann Herold, one of my absolute favorite people and the CMO of Honey Baked Ham – check out their new website that we had the privilege of building with them ;) Our teams have worked together for almost a year and I can honestly say I’ve never been a part of an agency-partner relationship like this. The teams have even created a name for our partnership (along with a logo,) The HoneyDragons :)

Jenn Leahy interviewing Jo Ann during our Inside the Lair talk series.

Jo Ann shared her story with our team, including how she leads teams and the purposeful way she lives her live – through her personal purpose and values. If you know Jo Ann at all, her purpose, to Lead with Love, is as authentic as it gets.

One of the messages she shared with our team was to Keep Your Posse Awesome! She has made it a point to cultivate an inner circle of people that are caring, kind, and authentic. People that she can count and that can count on her. It’s a message I think we can all learn from, and I’m so happy to be part of her awesome posse :)

PS – she uses the Full Focus Planner to organize her life, you should check it out!

* both of those organizations (Love Not Lost and Love Beyond Walls) Dragon Army helped through recent 48in48 events…please let us know if there are any nonprofits you know of that need a new website! We have many events coming up and need all the nonprofits we can get. Send them this link and please encourage them to sign up!