Hey everyone, I thought I’d go ahead and give an update on my upcoming book, The Five-Day Turnaround.

Currently the plan is to launch the book by the end of January / early February. There is a team of us working on everything that needs to happen in order to hit that date.


Editing, as you might expect, is a HUGE part of the process. So far I have had three people do “light” editing (including myself) and now we are in the process of getting the book professionally edited. This includes not only grammar-level edits, but also the overall flow of the book, character evolution, etc. The book is roughly 50,000 words, so the editing process is taking a bit of time.


I will be self-publishing the book, and we’re in the process of identifying the many ways to do this. There is the straight Amazon way (Create Space) or you can use a self-publishing company, which will of course get your book on Amazon as well as many other retailers.

Book Cover

We’re in the middle of reviewing book cover concepts (being created by Dragon Army’s creative director) and I’m really excited about the direction they’re heading. I’ve seen a stat that says 40% of book sales are due simply to the appeal of the book cover. So much for never judging a book by it’s cover ;)


We’re also working on a way for friends/family to pre-purchase books, so I hope to have more info on that before the end of the year. And expect me to be hitting everyone up for book reviews on Amazon, because that’s the single best way to increase book distribution!

Once the book is fully edited, I’ll be working on the Audible version…and reading it myself! I’ve had some great advice from friends who’ve done this – mostly from Gene Hammett, who’s book you should read or listen to! – and I’m excited about giving it a try.