The Five-Day Turnaround

Up until now, I’ve been quite vague about the book I’m writing. As I’ve only recently been deep into the writing stage, I felt it would be premature to talk too much about the book as its already taken many twists and turns along the way.

Now, however, I’m far enough along that I’m comfortable sharing more. The working title of the book is The Five-Day Turnaround.

Below is a high-level overview, but before you read that please check out the new tab on this blog, My Book, and subscribe to the mailing list for the book!

Book overview:

The Five-Day Turnaround deals with a core issue facing every established business–how to move with the speed of a start-up in dealing with today’s devastating change of pace. The story traces how to achieve a five-day turnaround from being a stodgy company to being a fast-moving pacesetter. Readers learn how to bring the core traits of successful, nimble startups to life in any company, no matter how long in business.

This is a suspenseful story rather than the ordinary non-fiction business book. The two protagonists, Matt and Will, worked together at a thriving startup a decade ago. When that business was acquired, they went their separate ways. Now Matt has an executive position at a Fortune 1000 company. He feels smothered by the play-it-safe culture. Will has moved on to launch an advertising agency that has seen rapid growth in its early years.

What is conveyed in the book’s title draws attention to what may not seem possible at first glance—the transformation of a corporate team’s culture in just five days time. The book encompasses the drama of a team striving to reach a goal and practical lessons important to the reader.