This is a blindpost from the Medium article, “If you don’t eliminate this habit you will never grow.

Blindposts are when I read a headline and think, “Hey, I have a thought about that,” and I write my thoughts without reading the original article. Here goes…

Very specifically, “growth” to me means improving both personally and professionally. In this context, I want to be a better husband and father, a better business leader, and a more empathetic and impactful social leader. To accomplish this, I need to be:


Above everything else, if you aren’t consistent, if you aren’t willing to gut it out, to work hard day after day, to stick to the plan and push through the tough spots, then you aren’t going to see the growth that you want to achieve.

This is why I have made a commitment to read a book a week this year (its currently week 18 and I’ve read 21 books, hope I can keep this pace up!) I’ve decided for myself that reading books will help me improve in each of the three areas listed above. And so I’ve cut out a lot of things in my life to accomplish this goal (mostly, TV.)

This is also why I blog 4-5 times a week. Blogging forces me to really think, this post a case in point. Until now, I have never really thought deeply about the importance of consistency to achieving growth.

By sticking to a plan and seeing it through, you can achieve growth in anything you set your mind to.


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