And the writing begins…

I’m in the process of writing my first book, which focuses on helping leaders in non-startup businesses to think and act more like entrepreneurs. In doing so, they can move faster, break down growth-stunting barriers, and achieve more.

I decided about a year ago that, if possible, I’d prefer to have a publisher for my book (vs. self-publishing.) Research, both online and through talking with authors, told me that the best route to getting a publisher would be to sign with an agent.

I cast a wide net and had many conversations with agents, and ended up choosing Leticia Gomez at Savvy Literary agency. Leticia has been a great partner so far on this journey, and I highly recommend her to anyone interested in finding a book agent.

The process then became putting together a proper proposal to send to various publishers that Leticia thought would be interested in such a project. We sent out initial proposals mid-January. As of this writing, we’re currently talking to several publishers about representing us, but in the end we will need to find a publisher that is “willing to take a chance” on this first-time author. If that doesn’t happen by mid-year, I’ll likely make the decision to self-publish.

So, I’ve decided to start actually writing the book. I have an outline and about 30 pages written, but have held off on writing until I was close to locking down a publisher. But I’m eager to start writing, so I figure that now is as good a time as any to start.

My process is going to be to write 2-3 hours a day, each week day, with a goal of having a draft of the book completed in three months. When I’m about half-way through, I’ll have my editor (who has been helping me from the beginning) start working on edits while I continue writing the second half.

Given the fact that I’m tying up between 10 and 15 hours a week for writing, my already over-booked schedule is going to be further limited, so I apologize in advance to anyone I meet (or can’t meet!) over the next several months.

As I get into it, I’ll report on the process I’m taking and the tools I’m using, and I’m very open to suggestions!

PS – I still plan to write a blog post every week day, but we will see how that goes