I love to be wrong when doubting would-be entrepreneurs

I talk to people who aspire to be entrepreneurs all the time. It’s hard to step off the ledge into entrepreneurship. There’s a tremendous amount of risk and uncertainty that comes with starting your own company.

There are two things I tell people who talk to me about their interest in starting a company:

#1 – It’s not smart. If you believe in things like statistics and math, that is. The math says that 95% of startups fail, never making it past a few years. And those few years are a tremendous struggle.

#2 – If its your dream to start a company, then start it immediately. There’s no reason to wait, your life is only going to get more complicated and you’ll keep finding reasons to delay. Start immediately and get to work.

Most people (I’m thinking 99%) who talk to me about wanting to start a company never do, especially later in life*. Again, I get it, its hard to take that leap. I had the great fortune to start my first company in college when I didn’t know any better, and I’ve been addicted ever since.

So when my good friend and former Engauge teammate, Adam Albrecht, told me he was going to start an agency, I had my doubts. Now, if I was going to bet on anyone to do what they put their mind to, I’d bet on Adam. But Adam had a great career, an even greater family, a less greater mortgage…those things make it hard to jump out and start your a new company.

So, as Paul Harvey said, here is the rest of the story:

A real entrepreneur’s reaction to my desire to start my own business.

I’m proud of you Adam, keep it up!

* Mike Popowski at Dagger and Joe Koufman at AgencySparks are two of the few that took the leap later in life…and they’re killing it as well!


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