45 days with the Bullet Journal

Above is my current desk at work. It’s a standing desk, and on the left is my notepad complete with some of my favorite black-and-white stickers.

I’ve spent the last 45 days using the Bullet Journal method for task management and daily organization. The Bullet Journal – described on its site as an analog system for the digital age – is essentially a way to organize your notes, tasks, and priorities the old fashioned way (pen and paper.)

You can customize the Bullet Journal setup however you want, but the main usage for me is to keep my task list in my notepad and “refresh” it every day. Every morning, I look back at yesterday’s tasks and I re-write any that I didn’t get to into the current day’s list. There are many times where I write a task 4-5 times, day after day, until I realize a) I gotta get this thing done, or b) I don’t really need to get this thing done. I find that digital task management apps are too easy to just move tasks to the next day. This manual process forces me to make choices.

I do still use OK Google/Reminders (I was using iOS reminders, but I just switched back to Android) to quickly capture tasks if I can’t write them down at that moment, but I’ll eventually transition them to my notepad.

I also take photos of the notes I want to keep and put them into Google Keep, my current digital note-storage app of choice.

Verdict: I’m going to keep using the Bullet Journal system for the foreseeable future. I do have a friend that gave me a Life Planner journal that I want her to show me to how to use, and I’ll test that for a while. As digitally oriented as I am, I like having this part of my life be analog…for now.

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