Long ago I decided that having a personal office isn’t for me. The entire idea of an office is a concept I very much dislike, as it takes leaders or people that have risen in the ranks and locks them off in their own space, where they can’t share their experiences (or learn from) their co-workers.

Over the past few months, as I tried out just using an iPad for work, I got rid of everything on my desk at Dragon Army and either recorded it digitally (in Evernote), threw it away, or stored it in my backpack. Then I put my backpack in my car and left it there.

When I came into the office, I’d either work at our bar / standing desk area, or I’d sit at my old, barren desk if I needed to sit. Or the #dragonarmydeck. I would say 90% of my time at the office is spent at the standing desk or on the deck.


(shot of our standing desk / bar at Dragon Army)

Then, over the last few weeks, we’ve added some people and my old desk was needed. It was such an easy decision to give it up.

I’m not sure this approach – going deskless – would work for everyone. I need to be as mobile as possible because over 50% of my time is outside of the office, meeting with people or going to events. If I don’t have a desk, then I can’t leave anything on my desk. Everything I ever need is always with me!

One of my buddies shot me the link to this Fortune article about other CEO’s that don’t have desks. I didn’t even know this was a thing! But its nice to see that other CEO’s are doing this, makes me feel less crazy :)