I’m continuing to work on how to optimize my life. Having five kids, running a company, being involved in community activities and my church, and somehow also trying to spend time with my close friends, is a constant struggle.

One trick I’ve started doing is using my drive time to get things done. I recently got this car phone holder so that I could more easily use my phone for navigation, but it has the side benefit of forcing me not to use my phone at traffic lights and stop signs. This keeps me hands free so I can, you know, drive.

Because reading more books is a big goal for me this year, I’ve started to buy Kindle books with the additional Audible component, so I can listen while I drive and then pick up where I left off when I read on my Kindle.

The other thing I’ve started to do while driving at traffic lights and stop signs is making notes. I keep a notepad on the passenger seat along with a Sharpie. Sometimes I’ll drive and not listen to anything and think about things I need to get done, and make notes when I’m stopped. Last week I actually constructed a blog post – 11 Rules Successful Startups Should Follow – while on a road trip. Here is what that looked like:


Again, I have to stress that I only wrote those notes while stopped!

I guess to wrap this up, its important to me that the things I decide to do, I do them well. And because I’ve taken on a lot of things, I have to find ways of making sure I can get things done, like “writing” blogs while I’m on the road.

What else? Any time optimizers that help you get things done?