On March 11th I’ll be spilling my guts – come watch!

I’m honored to be asked by Chris Richards and the Startup Grind crew to speak at their Fireside Chat on March 11th. I’ve really enjoyed their past events as the talks are intimate so you get to know the entrepreneur fairly well by the end of it. Things I’ll likely be talking about:

– Where I got my entrepreneurial roots
– My (growing) family
– Starting my first company at 21 years old in the dorm room (and the moving it to my mom’s basement)
– Growing that first company to 75 people (culture, growth, strategy, etc)
– Selling two companies, one to private equity and one to a public company
– Why/how I started Dragon Army
– Juggling my schedule with the various non-profits and boards I sit on
My experience with Leadership Atlanta and how it changed my life
– The pay it forward program I’ve recently started
– Anything that YOU wanna ask!

Sign up and come chat with me, hope to see you there!