I asked 17 of Atlanta’s most successful entrepreneurs what it means to be an entrepreneur…

I think – and write – about what it means to be an entrepreneur all the time. I also talk to a lot of entrepreneurs and I’m always interested in what they’re going through and how they view entrepreneurship. So I decided to do an experiment this past weekend and I reached out to 17 of my friends in Atlanta who happen to be very successful entrepreneurs to see how they would complete the sentence: “To be an entrepreneur is to…”

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To be an entrepreneur is to…

Me – To me, to be an entrepreneur is to be confident jumping off a cliff and figuring out how to build a parachute on the way down. – Tweet this quote

Devon Wijesinghe – To be an entrepreneur is to bet on yourself…..when no one else will. – Tweet this quote

Allen Nance – To be an entrepreneur is to be a job creator. – Tweet this quote

David Cummings – To be an entrepreneur is to be blissfully ignorant as to the unknowns that lie ahead combined with a strong locus of control to will an idea to success. – Tweet this quote

Jon Birdsong – To be an entrepreneur is to have enough confidence in your vision, product, and company, coupled with enough humility to know when things — whether it’s a feature, go-to-market strategy, etc — aren’t working, in order to iterate and constantly improve. – Tweet this quote

Johnson Cook – To be an entrepreneur, you must understand that success in business is just one leg of a three-legged stool. The other two legs are SELF and FAMILY. You must have all three legs healthy, functional, and working in synch to reach success as an entrepreneur.  Because you are an entrepreneur, you have the ultimate freedom to prioritize. Prioritize correctly and you will be unstoppable. – Johnson who doesn’t ever follow the rules if someone says only write one sentence – Tweet this quote

David Payne – To be an entrepreneur is to learn to manage through tremendous uncertainty with very few resources while testing your theories of disruption. – Tweet this quote

Sanjay Parekh – To be an entrepreneur is to love what you do every single day. – Tweet this quote

Raj Choudhury – To be an entrepreneur requires a vision of something greater than just yourself, a vision to inspire others around you and get the best out of everyone to realize this vision. – Tweet this quote

Danny Davis – To be an entrepreneur, you have to be ready to make tough decisions on a daily basis that have no clear right or wrong answer, then teach others around you to do the same so you can scale your business. – Tweet this quote

Kyle Porter – To be an entrepreneur means getting outside of your world and having empathy for the problems of others. It means making sacrifices today in order to accomplish something greater down the road. It’s fulfilling your own dreams but much more…it’s helping others achieve theirs. It means waking up every day and going for it, understanding that even if it doesn’t turn out how you hoped, you’ll always be better off for taking the shot. – Tweet this quote

Lance Weatherby – To be an entrepreneur you have to be passionate about everything that you do…You have to be most passionate about two other P words, people and product. The people that are part of your organization and the people who are your customers. Build a product that both of these groups are proud to call their own. – Tweet this quote

Rob Kischuk – To be an entrepreneur is to have a skin thick enough to endure repeated failure, but sensitive enough to notice and improve from each failure on the path to success. – Tweet this quote

Donovan Panone – To be an entrepreneur…means sacrificing short term personal gain to build something great and not thinking twice about it. – Tweet this quote

Ed Trimble – To be an entrepreneur you must trust your idea, trust yourself, and beat back doubt with a smile on your face. – Tweet this quote

Michael Tavani – To be an entrepreneur means you’re staying up late at night and waking up early in the morning working on itch you have to scratch. Something that you’re more passionate about than anyone else in the world. – Tweet this quote

Craig Hyde – To be an entrepreneur…is the pursuit of opportunity beyond resources controlled. – Tweet this quote

Raghu Kakarala – To be an entrepreneur you need to have a core belief that success is the inevitable result of focus and hard work. – Tweet this quote

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