12 Things Really Respected People Do #blindpost

This article, 7 things really respected people do, was suggested to me from @gumboshowjoe for a blindpost. I decided to write a list of some of the people that I respected the most and then ponder what it is about them that I respected so much. Below is that list, with the name of the person following the thing I respect the most about them. I had to force myself to stop at a dozen people!

12 Things Really Respected People Do

1. They do what they say. They live up to their commitments. They follow through. If they commit to doing something, they do it, or they honestly tell why they couldn’t do it. They earn respect by being able to be relied upon by everyone. ~ Ryan Tuttle, my co-founder and COO of Dragon Army

2. They are true to themselves. They aren’t fake and they don’t tolerate fakeness in those around them. And they have a moral compass that always points true North. ~ Danny Davis, co-founder and partner at Spunlogic, currently co-founder and CEO of Proving Ground

3. They lead with their heart. They are driven to do what they love and do it for the right reasons. They have integrity in spades. ~ Coach Jim Boykin, my college tennis coach who taught me this amazing lesson

4. They help the world be a better place. Whether its through helping non-profits, or providing relief to third world countries, or helping disadvantaged people in their own city, people who give parts of themselves to help those that truly need help are always respected. ~ Ken Bernhardt, my mentor for a dozen years who’s done lots of amazing things

5. They see things differently than most people. They can look at a situation and assess it in a way that no one else can. Their genius and insightful comments raise the bar for everyone. ~ Raghu Kakarala, former partner and CTO at Spunlogic and Engauge

6. They have a work ethic that won’t quit. No one has ever used the words lazy and respected in the same sentence when describing someone. No mountain is to tall for them to climb. ~ Raj Choudhury, co-founder and COO at  Spunlogic and Engauge

7. Amidst their success, they remember the important things in life. They don’t have to make trade-offs between seeing their family and doing their job. They prioritize their time to get everything done, with a heavy emphasis on family. ~ David Cummings, my co-founder of Dragon Army, creator of Atlanta Tech Village, and lots of other great things

8. They tell the truth. They’re honest and willing to give the people they care about real feedback and advice. ~ Bill Nussey, CEO of Silverpop, a mentor of mine for many years and lots of other great things

9. They captivate. They touch those they interact with deeply and profoundly. And they believe in you. ~ Chris Coleman, my first mentor, and an amazing person who’s done lots of other great things

10. They are a beacon of light to those around them, both because they radiate it and because they focus in on you and make you feel like you’re the most important person in the world. ~ Ann Cramer, my newest mentor, another incredible person who’s done lots of great things

11. They inspire. Not because they wrote a memo (or a mission statement), but because when you talk to them you can’t help but be swept up by their passion and excitement. They draw you in and bring you along for the ride. ~ Donovan Panone, co-founder and CEO of Sandbox Digital

12. They bring out the best in those around them. They give off an energy and positive affirmation to their friends that is both inspiring and addictive. They glow and those around them soak it in. ~ Joe Koufman, co-worker with me at Engauge, the best business development guy on the planet, and a great leader

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