Are you a digital marketer and passionate about adoption? This group could use your help!

I’m very excited to be able to use this blog to try to help an organization that is very near and dear to my heart – Faith Hope Adoption. Having recently adopted a little girl from China, I’m very aware of the difficulties and roadblocks throughout the adoption process.  These guys try hard to help people through that process.

They desperately need help finishing off a redesign of their website. With the little funds they had, they worked with someone to redesign the site only to end up with a half-designed, out of budget project that is stalled completely.  My hope is that there are digital marketers out there that want to help them!

If you’re interested in helping, more information can be found here. Or you can leave a comment on this blog and I’ll put you in touch with the founder.

And if you aren’t someone that can help or adoption isn’t your passion, I’d appreciate you sharing this through your social networks in hopes of finding people who are able to help.

Thanks in advance!