The iPad vs. the laptop – a case study

As a follow up to my post this week about how I’ve moved to using the iPad 2 with a bluetooth keyboard instead of a laptop, I thought I’d post this recent example to further emphasize the point.
Last week I was in a client meeting out of town. The meeting was in an older area of their building, one in pretty dire need of renovation according to the client (and I agreed). There were very few power outlets and, get this, no wifi for guests.
I was with three of my co-workers. They all had laptops and I had an iPad 2 with a bluetooth keyboard.
We started at 9am and worked until 1:30, having lunch brought in. I was the only one who was online because I had the iPad 2 with AT&T 3G. I was also the only one that never had to connect to power. In fact, we went from their office to the airport where I used the iPad while waiting for the flight. Then I used it the entirety of the almost two hour flight back. And I never had to charge the iPad the entire day, still having 15% battery life left when I was reading on the iPad later that night before bed.
We all took notes on Evernote, which works just as well on the iPad as it does on a laptop.
I know long battery life and cellular connectivity aren’t some kind of advanced iPad technology, but the fact that it does those two things and laptops today don’t, make it a far better travel computer than anything else out there for me.