I’ve written recently about how the iPad replaced a laptop in my life. I arrived at that point after forcing myself to use only the iPad 2 for about a week.  It’s been over a month now since I’ve used a laptop and so far, so good.

One of the reasons I’ve been able to go in this direction and couldn’t earlier in 2011 is because the apps have come a long way since then. Especially the apps that use some sort of cloud service to sync data, allowing you to work on different devices and retrieve your content. So, without further adieu…

The iPad apps I can’t live without (other than Mail, Calendar and Safari):

Evernote – THE note taking app on any device. Syncs across everything, old design and the recent enhancements to the iPad app make it a must have.

Reeder – I’m an avid Google Reader user and this is the best app I’ve found for consuming my feeds. Also love it on the iPhone.

Flipboard – Magazine-style app, allows you to select from many content sources and even pull in your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds, among others.

Blogsy – This is the best app for editing a WordPress app, though it’s still only a B. Sometimes crashy and the photo elements need some improving, but works for the most part and superior to anything else available. But I’m always looking to see if something better comes along as I blog almost daily and need a solid app for it.

Kindle – Favorite book reading app. I’ve tried iBooks but no reason not to use the Kindle as I already have a library of books there. Plus I’m an Amazon Prime member and it has nice benefits for reading and sharing books.

Pages – This is Apple’s version of Word. Not quite as robust as Word but a fine word processor and for my needs, has everything I need.  It also syncs seemlessly with iCloud which is how I am able to easily work across all my devices. Plus, I write most of my blogs in Pages first and then move them to Blogsy for final edits and publishing.

Dropbox – File sharing at its best and since Yousendit doesn’t work on the iPad, I am very reliant on Dropox for sharing files with co-workers.

GV Connect – How I access Google Voice from the iPad. I can text and make calls and listen to voicemail all from the iPad…when this app works. Which is about half the time. Google, please make an acceptable Google Voice app in 2012. PS – The seven reasons I switched to Google Voice, if you’re curious.

IMO.IM – Pretty good instant messaging application. Really like the alerts and lets me use both my gChat and exchange IM accounts.

Instapaper – This is the app I use to store anything I want to “read later”. Syncs up across devices and most of the apps I use (including Reeder and Flipboard) allow you to save articles into Instapaper for reading later.

Ok, so what are YOUR can’t-live-without iPad apps?