I’m always interested in what apps people are using on their phones. Every time I share the apps I’m using, people alert me to many more that I hadn’t heard of. Just last night at dinner a friend told me about an app that sounded cool and I quickly added it to my second screen.

Regarding that, I have a “second screen” strategy where I basically stick all the apps I’m testing onto the second screen of both my iPhone and my iPad. This does a few things. It stops all the apps that might not make the cut from creeping all over my phone, plus it helps me focus on actually testing and trying those apps. And it also stops me from allowing more than 16 apps to be tested at any given time. When I want to add a new one, I have to delete one.

One of three things eventually happens. Either an app proves to be amazing so it moves to the coveted home screen (or first screen). Just this morning, I moved Path to my home screen because its freaking beautiful. I’ll also likely find a way to move Flipboard there soon as they just came out with their iPhone app. Correction – I just moved it to the home screen…couldn’t wait.

Or an app proves it is something I’ll be interested in long-term but not something I want to see every day, so I put it somewhere beyond the second screen. Or eventually I delete the app altogether.

So here are screenshots of my first and second screens (you can do a screenshot on the iPhone by holding down the home button and the power button for a second – the screen will flash and a pic will be in your Photos folder). Let me know if you have any questions and please, share yours as well!

The apps on my iPhone home screen

The apps on my iPhone second screen (or test screen)