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  • Jonathan Sargent

    I know I am a dumb bug killer, but I don't think your yelp link works. May want to check it. Hope you are doing well. Thanks for the birth announcement, she's a cutie.

  • Jonathan Sargent

    I know I am a dumb bug killer, but I don't think your yelp link works. May want to check it. Hope you are doing well. Thanks for the birth announcement, she's a cutie.

  • Meaghan T.

    Hi, Jeff! Thanks for recommending Aardvark. I used it and loved it so I just downloaded the iPhone app.

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  • Alzay Calhoun

    Kicking It Up a Notch
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  • Alan Helman


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  • Jack Purdy


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  • Matthew Porter

    Good Thinking Atlanta is hosting a design charrette to benefit an organization called the Georgia Education Climate Coalition. It is similar to the one you are organizing called 48in48. Good Thinking is 501c3 creative service provider, four years old. Website is We share a few friends in common on LinkedIn. I sent a Tweet but I don’t tweet much. I would like to meet you for a coffee if you have time. I think GTA can be of service to your nonprofit work. And I bet we share more than Matt and Ben in common. My mobile is 404784 3317, Matt