Why Begin the Begin?
Good question. First, I’m a huge R.E.M. fan and Begin the Begin is one of my favorite songs of theirs (along with I Believe). Both are on the amazing CD Lifes Rich Pageant. Buy that immediately and thank me later.

What I like about the phrase is that to me its a call to action.  It applies to startups and entrepreneurs. It applies to marketers. It applies to people who want to help others. It applies to anyone that believes they can be something better but is hesitant to take that next step. Begin the begin, people!

Who am I? Currently I’m the CEO of Dragon Army, a mobile agency and game studio. I’m fascinated with entrepreneurship, startups, technology, and specifically mobile apps and gaming. While I tweet and I linkedin, this blog really represents who I am and where I am in life at any given time.

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In 1998 I founded my first company, Spunlogic, with Raj, and after adding two more partners along the way and working our a$$es off for ten years, we were acquired by Engauge in March of 2008. I then served as President and Chief Digital Officer of Engauge until we sold Engauge to Publicis Groupe in August of 2013. I then immediately started my next company, Dragon Army, a mobile-first game studio originally based in the amazing Atlanta Tech Village.

I’m a graduate of the 2013 Leadership Atlanta class and a member of the 2012 Atlanta 40 under 40 class.

I’m on the boards of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, CCAI (adoption services) and Central Outreach & Advocacy Center. I’m also on the Leadership Council and Conservation Society for Zoo Atlanta and Executive Board of The Children’s Museum of Atlanta.

Additionally, I have founded four nonprofit organizations to try to “do good” in the community: Advice For Good, MATCH, 48in48, and Homegrown. More on all of this here.