Good Will Hunting’s story is a terrific example of the entrepreneurship journey

by Jeff Hilimire on August 20, 2014


If you’re a fan of Good Will Hunting (and let’s be real, who’s not?), then you’ll probably really enjoy this story in Boston Magazine about how the movie was made. Ben and Matt went through a LOT to find a way to get the movie done their way, and many aspects of their journey are similar to the journey that a startup goes through. F0r example:

~ Good Will Hunting, a terrific film by all accounts (critical acclaim and the awards to back it up), started with a small team and a burning passion to bring their idea to life. Every great company we know started this way.

~ At the beginning they were fairly unknown actors but everyone who read the script agreed it was fantastic. But few would bet on them because they weren’t already established. This exact thing happens with startups when an unproven team has a great idea. It’s up to the founders to show their passion and relentlessly pursue their dream. Ben and Matt did just that to get Good Will Hunting made.

~ The guys struggled with who would produce the movie as they knew they’d have to give control over to the production company and their vision for the film would change. Entrepreneurs must be careful to avoid having their funding partners (VC’s and angel investors) or board force them to detour too much from their vision for the business.

~ The addition of the great Robin Williams (RIP) brought everything together, including the right partners, and allowed the film to realize its full potential. Often times after a startup begins to achieve momentum, a more experienced leader will join the team, allowing them to achieve new heights (think Eric Schmidt joining the Google guys).

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