Two books I recommend, and yes, they’re both video game books

by Jeff Hilimire on June 30, 2014

Since starting Dragon Army back in September of last year, I’ve had the fun task of boning up on the video game industry. I’ve been playing more video games – nice perk, right – but of course its had its draw backs at home, thus the Kindle experiment I wrote about last week.

I’ve also been reading more articles from sites like Polygon and Touch Arcade. Below is a list of the sites I subscribe to via Feedly, for those interested. I also added the Send to Kindle Chrome plugin so that anytime I want to read an article later, I hit that button and it automatically is sent to my Kindle.

In my quest to continue to learn more, I’ve started looking for video game related books. I’ve recently enjoyed two in particular.

Console Wars is an in-depth look at the video game industry in the late ’80s and early ’90s. It mostly chronicles the battle between Nintendo and Sega, with Sony emerging toward the end of that time period. If you’re into business strategy or video games in general, I think you’d dig this book.

After reading Console Wars, I ordered my first paperback book in forever called Ready Player One. This book is terrific. It’s a fiction book (which I almost never read) set in the future where most of the world is poor, seeking mental refuge in an expansive virtual world game called OASIS. The creator of OASIS dies and leaves his billions as a prize for whoever can “win the game” in OASIS. I crushed this book in under a week.

Video game sites I subscribe to:

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