The mobile game I’m playing now: Duet Game

by Jeff Hilimire on June 5, 2014

Duet Game (iOS only) is driving me nuts. I test a lot of mobile games and very few hold my attention.

Kingdom Rush (both the original and the sequel, Frontiers) have remained a mainstay in my mobile game rotation. Recently I was into Marvel Puzzle Quest and for a brief time I was playing Hearthstone.

But currently I’m into Duet Game and TwoDots (I’ll write about that one next week). In Duet, you control two dots that spin on a sphere. Best way to understand it is to see it:

When I watched someone play this for the first time, I thought what he was doing was impossible. Then after playing it for 5 minutes, I started to get better. The learning curve is incredibly steep but you start to master the moves in a short amount of time.

Duet is one of those casual games that you can play for a few minutes or half an hour. The aesthetics are fantastic and remind me of the original Dots game in the way it focuses on beautiful interactions and a simplified user experience.

And anyone at Dragon Army can tell you that I’m not a big music guy when it comes to games, but this is the first game that I actually prefer to play with the music on. The developers did a fantastic job with that aspect of the game.

Give Duet Game a try and you’ll likely curse me for a few minutes but after you get past the learning curve I’m sure you’ll find it to be an exciting game.

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