Putting an end to the Atlanta Tech Village debate with Tavani

by jeffhilimire on May 13, 2014

A little while back, my friend Michael Tavani let loose on the Atlanta Tech Village in a Creative Loafing piece. He was fired up. Then I responded, equally fired up, essentially calling his opinions on the Village absurd and ignorant. Hey, I said I was fired up.

Then to Michael’s credit, he decided to come to the Atlanta Tech Village and host his next On Doers video with myself, Jon Birdsong (Rivalry), Rob Kischuk (PerfectPost), and TJ Muehleman (we&co) and talk it all out. I’ve been a big fan of his On Doers videos for quite some time (in fact I called it my favorite new website in Jan of 2013) and I welcomed the opportunity to clear the air and put this all behind us. I think the video turned out great. Thanks, Michael!

Episode 007 / Atlanta Startup CEOs from On Doers on Vimeo.

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