Leaders in the Trenches podcast

by jeffhilimire on May 21, 2014

Podcasts are some of my favorite things to do. So when Gene Hammett asked me to be on his Leaders in the Trenches podcast, I quickly agreed.

The podcast is live and in it Gene and I discuss the following topics (I pulled these from Gene’s site):

  • What role does vision play in the work he does?
  • How he has become very good at delegating tasks that are not growth-oriented.
  • What allowed him to completely focus on his company’s growth?
  • What’s the obvious factor he sees that is missing from most company’s growth?
  • Pursuing any company vs focusing on a select market: Jeff discusses.
  • How does he organize his time to balance family, work and his philanthropic endeavors?
  • Did he invent wireframes?
  • How imagining being 80 years old helps him choose what he does with his time.

If you have some time, check it out and let me know where I missed the mark.

Thanks for the opportunity, Gene!

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