3 questions to ask yourself if you’re thinking of starting a business

by Jeff Hilimire on May 14, 2014

Over the last week I’ve had a handful conversations with people thinking about starting a new business. It’s always fun to have those conversations and try to convince them to go ahead and do it! Life is too short, give it a try, why not now!

But I always ask these three questions when someone says they want to start a company:

How are you going to sell the product/service? You’ll need to be growth-focused as a leader.

How long will you give yourself to make it happen? Lots of runway is required.

Are you starting with the right partner(s)? The right partnership can make all the difference.

My belief is, if you have good answers to those questions, and presumably you’re passionate and excited about your idea, then you’re going to have a good shot.

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