Two mobile apps I’m really digging: Timehop and circa

by Jeff Hilimire on April 27, 2014

I love exploring and testing new mobile apps. My process is typically that I will download a new app and keep it on one of my homescreens until I test it, after which its either deleted or it finds a more permanent home on my device.

Two apps that have passed the test are Timehop and circa. Both are in my “Read” folder on my homescreen. (more on my homescreen apps)

Timehop is brilliant. Every day it serves up content that you shared in the past (on an annual basis). For example, it might show you tweets or Facebook pictures you posted last year, a blog post you wrote two years ago and a place you checked in to on Foursquare three years ago. And its a really slick app with a fun personality. I always appreciate those little touches. Here’s what Timehop looks like:


circa (lowercase C) is a bit of a new take on a news app. It also has a slick interface but what sets it apart is the way they present the news. I like Flipboard and Feedly as they bring me news and updates from sites I like, but circa goes further with the way they curate their content. They present bite-sized chunks that you can continue reading as you like. But if you just want the quick story, you can read the first blurb and be done. It’s something you have to experience to really “get”. As they put it, they “atomize” vs. “summarize”:


I recommend giving both of these apps a shot!

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