Introducing Advice For Good and a terrific event with Sanjay Parekh and Ed Trimble

by Jeff Hilimire on April 3, 2014

I’m really excited to announce that Advice For Good (AFG) is officially live! For the full backstory on how AFG was conceived, you can read this blog post, but essentially its a marketplace where business/life advice meets supporting the community.

Here’s how it works. Someone is seeking advice and decides they want to ask one of our advisors (the list is INCREDIBLE already) to meet for coffee. In order to “pay it forward”, the advisee must donate an hour of time to a non-profit or charitable cause and then blog about it on Afterwards, he or she can ask any of the advisors to meet.

To fuel the cause, a few times a year AFG will have an event where our advisors will present at a non-profit’s location and after the talk all the attendees will spend a few hours helping that non-profit. And I’m excited to announce we have our first event planned!

On April 29th from 5pm – 8pm, Sanjay Parekh and Ed Trimble will be will be talking at the Atlanta Community Food Bank. We’ll have pizza after and then spend time helping the Food Bank. And the best part, the event is FREE…but there are limited slots so sign up now!

I hope to see a lot of you there to support the Food Bank and to help get AFG off the ground.

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