Two Pocket features I’m really digging

by Jeff Hilimire on March 10, 2014

I continue to love the app Pocket for reading articles and blog posts. I think I’m like most people where there are times that I am skimming news sites or blogs/articles/etc. to see what’s happening but I’m not ready at that moment to stop and read a lengthy piece. Saving those longer reads for later is a key to how I like to consume content and Pocket let’s me do this with ease.

There are two features that I’ve really enjoyed with Pocket recently. The first is sharing articles amongst connections. As you can see in the example below from my Nexus 5, Burton has shared this Zynga article with me. Because he has Pocket as well, when he shares it to my Pocket account I get an alert to accept or deny the article. Then, when I’m reading it later, I can click on his name below and it will show the note that he left for me about the article. Very handy little feature.


The second feature that I’ve recently noticed about Pocket is the ability to have the text read to you. There are plenty of times when I’m reading an article and need to jump in the car (for instance) and could easily have the rest of the article read to me while I’m driving. Of course its the robot human voice that does the reading but still a handy little feature.


  • Drew Hawkins

    Funny, I was showing Pocket to our team this morning. I think the read aloud is a +1 for Android. iPhone doesn’t appear to have that functionality yet.

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