What I’m doing instead of listening to music while I work

by Jeff Hilimire on February 19, 2014


I’ve always been someone who listened to music on my laptop when I needed to crank out some work. Helps me to focus and block everything else out. The key was always to find music that I knew so I didn’t get distracted by the music itself.

Recently I’ve heard of people watching (or listening to) movies while they work. I thought that sounded crazy at first but then a week ago decided to try it out. Of course I chose Fletch, my favorite movie the best movie in the world, and see how it went. I run it in the background while I work and at this point I’ve probably listened to it a dozen times over the last week. It does the trick, plus I get to once in a while pull it up and laugh at some of my favorite scenes.

I plan to add Jerry Maguire and She’s Having a Baby (don’t judge, its a hilarious and under-appreciated movie!) to the rotation soon.

  • greghorowitz

    I’m just about the furthest thing from a classical music fan in the world, but in spite (because?) of that, listening to it absolutely supercharges my productivity. I set up a Chopin channel on Grooveshark (I find that piano music is much more calming than strings) and whenever I need to get work done, I set it on shuffle and I’m as locked in as a Seattle Seahawk on Adderall.

  • Steffan Pedersen

    Hey Jeff. I absolutely love this. Some of the best thinking and brainstorming I do with my friends can be over a game of FIFA or watching a movie we’ve seen before. It gets my brain working and creative juices flowing!

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