3 Situations When You Should Shut Your Mouth #blindpost

by jeffhilimire on February 13, 2014

bundymouthshutThis is a blindpost recommended to me by my friend, Stephanie. The original article was from Entrepreneur Magazine and titled, 3 Situations When You Should Shut Your Mouth.

1. Shut your mouth when you’re negotiating. Ah, the power of silence. This is a tough one, but if you’re negotiating with someone, the more you can get them talking the more they will negotiate against themselves. I can’t say I’m great at this one, but I’ve certainly been out-negotiated by people who used this tactic. Sitting silently and waiting for the other person to talk is a sure way to find yourself in the power position of a negotiation.

2. Shut your mouth when you’re getting advice. If someone is giving you advice – especially if you asked for it – you owe it to your advisor and yourself to be quiet and listen. People have a tendency to “over agree” in those situations and then start talking to build on what the advisor is saying. While that’s a normal way to have a conversation, when you’re getting true advice from someone just take notes and be quiet. It’s the best way to get the most out of the conversation.

3. Shut your mouth when you’re the boss. This is such an important aspect of leadership. Two examples:

- When your team is brainstorming. Listen to your team, you hired them because they’re experts. Plus, the more you weigh in, the more your voice will take over the discussion because you’re the boss.

- When you’re pitching new business or meeting with a client. It’s so typical of the CEO or HRP (highest ranking person) to over-talk in meetings, especially new business pitches. Have the confidence to kick off the meeting and then let your team shine.

What did I miss? What are other times when you need to shut your mouth?

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Thanks @drewhawkins for reminding me of this classic “shut your mouth when negotiating” commercial!

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