13 things mentally strong people don’t do #blindpost

by Jeff Hilimire on February 25, 2014

This is a blindpost suggested to me by @gumboshowjoe from this Lifehacker article. I thought it was a worthwhile topic to tackle.

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

1. They don’t fear change. Change is something strong-minded people embrace because they know there will always be change.

2. They don’t over-analyze criticism. Successful people will receive criticism, but the mentally strong know how to put that aside and keep moving forward.

3. They don’t lose their focus. Distractions hit everyone, but mentally strong people are able to maintain their focus and accomplish their goals.

4. They don’t fear failure. They know that failure makes up the foundation of success. They embrace it, learn from it, and become stronger because of it.

5. They don’t shy away from admitting mistakes. Mistakes happen. Those confident in who they are own that and don’t feel like sharing their mistakes makes them appear weak. I’ve made lots of mistakes and I’m happy to admit them.

6. They focus on what’s next and don’t dwell in the past. It’s very easy to think about all the things that could have been different if you’d made different decisions. Strong-minded people will often say that they don’t regret anything from their past because they know all of those bad decisions led them to this moment.

7. They don’t fear making decisions. Strong-minded people know that decisions have to be made otherwise failure is certain. People who can’t make decisions struggle with the ramifications of making the wrong decision and overlook the ramifications of NOT making a decision at all. It’s a lesson in confidence to watch someone unable to make a decision and instead, letting things play out so they don’t have to put their neck on the line.

8. They don’t play politics. Ugh, politics. Screwing people over to get ahead, lying in order to make yourself look great, kissing up to the boss and doing whatever she says…these are things that weak-minded people do, not strong-minded people.

9. They don’t lose sight of the goal. Weak-minded people can be easily influenced and pushed into new directions that they don’t really believe are going to help them get to their goal. If you’re confident and strong-minded, you know when to take advice and when to discard it.

10. They don’t fear being misunderstood. More on that here.

11. They don’t need to be popular. After all, leadership is not a popularity contest and strong minded people know this.

12. They don’t run from their emotions but they also don’t let their emotions make their decisions.

13. They don’t fear delegating. I’ve written about this before – in fact I believe its the one leadership quality that will make or break you – but when it comes to strong minded people, they don’t fear handing off responsibilities to other people. Those that are unwilling to do this often are hiding behind insecurity, worried that they will become less relevant if they have less responsibility.

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  • Dave Williams

    These people, leaders, champions… all embrace and thrive under adversity by remaining calm and focused on the moment and use these circumstances as a source of inspiration, differentiation and enviable outcomes.

  • Del Ross

    I think “tough” vs “strong” for the title.

  • http://www.jeffhilimire.com Jeff Hilimire

    Agree. It was a blindpost so I didn’t want to change the title, so maybe I wrote it wrong, but your word is more accurate to what I wrote.

  • Del Ross

    Here was my blog post on a related topic from a while ago: http://mktginnovation.blogspot.com/2013/11/audentes-fortuna-iuuat-why-you-should.html

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