My top blog posts from 2013

by Jeff Hilimire on January 6, 2014

Every year I take some time over the holiday to reflect on my blogging process to see what’s working and what needs to be changed. Blogging 4-5 times a week is a fair commitment of time, so one of the things I try to understand is what type of content resonates the most with my readers. I also like to reflect on the content I’ve written over the years and how that’s changed over time. This blog is very much a journal of what I’m currently doing and thinking, which lines up nicely as you look at this list:

  • 2009 – Social media and digital dominated my posts
  • 2010 – Still very much social media content, but more entrepreneurship popping in
  • 2011 – Definitely a move to talking more about mobile, but now with more work culture and inspirational content
  • 2012 – More personal posts and certainly a lot of mobile “app” content, but still mixing in social media

What’s interesting is that if you start to follow that progression, its not entirely shocking to realize that in 2013 I left Engauge and started a mobile/app startup. Clearly I’ve been focused on mobile for some time and my blog has entrepreneurship posts popping up more in 2010 mixed with culture content in 2011…yeah I was jonesing to start a new company.

Here are my top ten posts for 2013 according to pageviews:

#1 – 11 reasons I backed the Kreyos Smartwatch

#2 – Introducing my next chapter: Dragon Army

#3 – Today we sold Engauge

#4 – How I use Evernote to keep track of my to-do list (which I don’t anymore, though it was still a good system)

#5 – My Samsung Galaxy S4 homescreen and apps

#6 – The 5 characteristics of a great leader

#7 – Sweet, using my iPad Mini as a mouse / touchpad

#8 – I asked 17 of Atlanta’s most successful entrepreneurs what it means to be an entrepreneur… and then I asked 17 of Atlanta’s most successful FEMALE entrepreneurs what it means to be an entrpreneur…

#9 – How I became an Apple fanboy and why I might not be one soon

#10 – Google Now + Pebble = Awesomeness

So in that list we have 6 posts that you could classify as “techie”, 3 posts about entrepreneurship and 1 post about leadership. Part of my role with Engauge (I was at Engauge until September) was understanding new technology and testing/playing with it to understand how marketers could take advantage of it. That won’t be the case in Dragon Army, so I expect there won’t be quite as many pure technology posts. Instead, this year will be chock full of startup, entrepreneurship, leadership, mobile and yep, gaming posts. Because – pinch me – that’s what my career is now. Hell yeah it is.


I also checked to see which posts from previous years got a fair amount of views in 2013. I’m glad to see the “never have an office again post” is hanging in there…

12 characteristics of a great place to work

The man in the arena

Evernote vs. Instapaper

Why I will never have my own office again

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