Who’s playing social and mobile games?

by Jeff Hilimire on November 19, 2013

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Just some quick stats that you might not have been aware of about the social and mobile gaming industry…

    • Average age of a mobile gamer is 28.2 years old
    • The average social gamer is 39 years old
    • 54% of social gamers are male vs. 46% are female
    • 2/3 of mobile gamers are less than 45 years old
    • Mobile gamers make up 22% of all US gamers
    • 87% of boys with access to mobile devices play games on them, compared to 80% of girls
    • 25% of adults hear about new games through social media sites
    • 50% of mobile gamers learn about new games from friends and family

What surprises me the most is the average age of the mobile gamer. 28! There’s a term in the industry called the “accidental gamer”. This is someone that hasn’t been a gamer before but because they have a mobile device in their hand, they start playing games like Candy Crush in down time and get hooked.

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