Introducing our first app, Nibblr #dragonarmy

by jeffhilimire on November 25, 2013

Last week we officially launched our first app, Nibblr. What’s Nibblr? Glad you asked, check out the video we made to promote the app:

Download that app and let me know what you think!

  • R Ehrig

    Downloaded and checked it out on the android and also on the iPhone. Probably a stupid thing to say but I thought the artwork/layout/presentation of the app was excellent. I don’t know why I would be surprised by this but it really didn’t look like a first effort. It looked like you knew exactly what you were doing the first time out. Very impressive. I’m looking forward to more apps.

    Also, my app gives me a notification in the status bar. When I click the notification it disappears but doesn’t open the app. Didn’t know if this was how it was supposed to be or if it should open the program. This is on an HTC EVO 4G LTE.

  • Jeff Hilimire

    Thanks, Ray, really appreciate the feedback!

    What you described is an Android setting. Android has decided that if you close an app, that means you don’t want alerts from it. Unfortunately when that happens (when a user closes the app directly), all we can do is push the notification but not force the app to open when you click it.

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