3 tips for startup leaders

by Jeff Hilimire on November 15, 2013

Throughout each week I probably talk to half a dozen entrepreneurs running new/small startups. It’s something I really enjoy and being located in the Atlanta Tech Village has definitely increased the volume of those meetings.

Here are 3 random tips for startup leaders that I thought I would share based on recent meetings:

TAKE LEGAL SERIOUSLY. In my experience, and I know this from painfully not doing this correctly, one of the things an entrepreneur needs to do right out of the gate is have terrific legal counsel. Just ask the Superboys.

CREATE AN ADVISORY BOARD. I am a huge believer in advisory boards. Having a group of smart, experienced people in your corner is priceless. Here is more info on how to choose the right advisory board and organize the meetings.

EMPOWER YOUR TEAM. One of the most important jobs of the leader of a startup, once you have more than one person obviously, is to make sure you have the right person in the right job at the right time…and you empower them to be successful. That goes for the leader as well. The only way you’ll successfully scale your business is if you trust others and support them.

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