Welcoming our newest dragon, Amanda

by Jeff Hilimire on October 8, 2013

Amanda joined Dragon Army yesterday, making her the 5th member of the team. She will be leading marketing for the us as well as being in charge of giving Ryan a hard time, which I’m already very much enjoying.


Also,  as you can see from the photo we’re starting to build out our space at Atlanta Tech Village (reminder, this is what I love about the Village). The desks behind Amanda will all be filled within the next two weeks as we look to staff up to 9-10 people. Next Monday we will welcome two more recruits and the barracks will start filling up fast. Ok, I know, enough with the army puns.

Help me welcome Amanda to the team!

  • http://www.donovanpanone.com/ Donovan Panone

    Yeah! Welcome to the Village officially Amanda. You’re gonna rock it.

  • http://mindgrapes.ryantuttle.com Ryan P. Tuttle

    This was another move in the right direction, reinforcing my new co-founder/star-up mantra. It goes something like “I want to be the laziest, dumbest person in the company”. So far, so good. :)

  • Stephanie Critchfield

    Welcome to Dragon Army, Amanda!

  • Raghu Kakarala

    Welcome to the best place to launch your career into overdrive :-) What an awesome opportunity!

  • Amanda Vance

    Thank you for the warm welcome, Donovan! It feels like I’m part of an elite crew here. I love it!

  • Amanda Vance

    I appreciate it, Stephanie – and it was great to meet you in person!

  • Amanda Vance

    I’m with you, Raghu – this is an amazing opportunity. I’m fortunate Jeff, Ryan and the team are willing to take a chance on me!

    It was great to meet you!

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