Want to be more positive? It’s all about perspective.

by Jeff Hilimire on October 29, 2013

A man gets on a plane with his three beautiful daughters, all under the age of 10. Sure enough, before the plane even takes off, the youngest one starts crying and the oldest two start fighting. By the time they are in the air, they are all crying or yelling and the father is embarrassingly apologizing to everyone around him. 

The man next to him says, “You have beautiful girls, you should be very proud.” The father says, “I’m so sorry about them, they don’t normally act like this!”

The man next to him says, “You’re so lucky. My wife and I would give anything to have three daughters.” The father just sits there, stunned, reflecting on this comment and how lucky he is.

Then the man next to him smiles and says, “We have five daughters. We’d give anything to have three.”

Perspective is a very important thing if you strive to be a positive person. I’ve written about perspective in this post, where I talk about a friend of my wife’s (and mine!) that has chronic lyme disease. When I’m having a tough day, like today where I am at home with a fever, I think about people that are in far worse situations than myself. It always helps me stay positive and count my blessings.

And, just for a little more humor, I saw this cartoon thanks to my buddy @drewhawkins:


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