The Atlanta Tech Village, NPR and Serendipity

by Jeff Hilimire on October 24, 2013

This morning I was lucky enough to be interviewed on NPR talking about Dragon Army, the Atlanta Tech Village and Atlanta’s technology scene. Why was I able to get this press? Easy, because I work at the Village.

I’ve talked ad nauseam on this blog about how much I love working at the Village, and people probably think I’m on the payroll (I’m not), but working here for two months has made me realize what a great place this is for entrepreneurs and the Atlanta’s tech reputation. And that this kind of thing is just what Atlanta needs.

Case in point, yesterday a tour was going through the Village with reporters and I was able to grab one of them in the hallway and talk to her for five minutes. Tours like this, where reporters, VC’s, angel investors, diplomats, etc, explore the Village and meet with entrepreneurs is almost a daily occurrence. Of course, you have to be aggressive and jump into a conversation in order to benefit from it, but that’s never been one of my problems ;)

The power of serendipity – that both David and one of my mentors, Ann, talk about constantly – is in major abundance at the Village and I can’t wait to see how that helps me over the long haul with Dragon Army.

You can read the article here. And yes, I asked that they spell my name correctly ;)

  • Mara Maddox

    Great feature Jeff! Let’s chat soon re: 2014 referrals

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